At Stylis we believe that our insight into the ever-changing financial landscape and our asset & wealth management hands-on experience make us a valued partner to our clients globally.


We have included a selection of recent examples of work accomplished by the senior team and specialist consultants:


For a Top-10 global Asset Manager, we worked on improving the relevance and scale of their vast global product portfolio.

This resulted in a more focused, performing, relevant and profitable product offering, increasing the average AUM per product by 80% over 18 months.


For a major Bank, we designed a detailed European insurance client coverage and product/services strategy.

This allowed the coverage, product and solutions teams to size and focus their efforts for each individual client and budget detailed share-of-wallet objectives for the next one to three years. The resulting increase in revenues was a 3 times increment in that customer segment from an already significant base


For a major Asset Manager, we constructed a series of performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure the impact of various marketing program such as RFPs’ success ratios, advertising impact, new fund launch campaign investment return etc.

Several Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) indicators were calculated and communicated in order to enable the optimal capital allocation to the best AUM-raising product marketing action plans.

In turn, the firm’s management was able to measure the performance of various programs and people in the marketing value–added chain and increase ROMI by 200% over a 12 months period.


For a global Asset Manager, we designed and helped implement a global product governance process that satisfied internal as well as regulatory/supervisory requirements.

This process enabled the documented and centrally vetted launch of more than 100 products globally (across Alternatives, Equities, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset strategies), permitted the tracking of these new products (in terms of Risk, Return and AUM raising). It also authorized the merging, liquidation or repositioning of more than 200 products globally over two years.


For three different Asset Management Joint ventures in Asia, we helped design -in cooperation with the JV partners’ specialists- a number of retail domestic mutual fund offerings. We also assisted in crafting the marketing message and strategy and educated the various JV constituencies on topics such as product design, client solutions and impactful marketing.

This work contributed in successful fund raising in excess of $3 billion over one year.


For the Alternatives Division of a global Asset Manager, we worked on structuring a number of key products for distribution into the European and Asian retail channels (FoHF retail mutual funds, PE certificates, Principal Protected or Leveraged HF/PE domestic products etc…)

These products were successfully launched and enabled retail access to Alternatives investment strategies that they would otherwise have been unable to purchase or offered in an illiquid wrapper.


For a leading Hedge Fund group, we analysed and recommended that they broaden their business model to develop and market a number of uncorrelated investment strategies, in addition to their flagship funds.

This was impemented and resulted in increased AUM, additional income, an enlarged institutional footprint as well as a strategic stake sale to a major international financial institution.

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